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What are FAQs?

FAQs are Frequently Asked Questions, and they are questions that clients regularly ask us when seeking support. Sometimes you might find the answer to your problem just by reading our FAQs. Other times, it may require extra troubleshooting, but at least if you have gone through the basics it will make it faster to diagnose the issue.

What should I do when my computer crashes?

There can be many reasons why a computer may stop working or ‘freeze up’. Most of the time there isn’t much we can do about it – it’s a fact of life that computer programs or apps have become so complex that users will sometimes experience problems, even when performing common tasks. When your computer is no longer responding, your best bet is to re-boot the computer or try using the CTRL+ALT+DEL keyboard command and closing some programs down. Is it happening regularly? Contact us at Thrive IT and we will sort it out for you.

My computer is not turning on, what can I do?

First check the computer’s power cord to make sure it is completely plugged into the wall socket. If you are using a power board, make sure it’s plugged all the way in and that the wall socket is turned on. Some power boards have a circuit breaker, so make sure it has not been activated. Reset it and then try to turn on your computer again. Still doesn’t work? Contact us at Thrive IT for help.

I am having problems opening folders and files?

As with most computer errors, your first step is to shut down your computer and restart it. This will help you confirm whether or not you actually have a hard disk problem. During restart, you might be asked by Windows to do a disk scan or reinstall/restore Windows. Doing a system scan sometimes fixes corrupt files, but if that fails, get expert help by contacting us at Thrive IT

There is no display on the monitor, what do I do now?

Make sure the monitor is on. If you can’t see a power light on the monitor, try pressing the power button until it comes on. If your computer monitor was on and you stepped away from the computer and upon returning it was black, it’s likely that the computer is asleep. Try moving your mouse, or press keys on your keyboard to try and bring it back to life. Make sure that the monitor is connected properly to the back of the computer, all the cables should be all the way in. Turn off your computer, reconnect them and try again. If that fails, contact us at Thrive IT and we will solve the problem for you.

How do I fix a paper jam?

Turn off the printer. Inspect the location or tray the printed paper ejects to. Remove all paper trays and any paper that may be stuck between the tray and the printer. Open the printer door that allows you access to the printer ink cartridges or toner and look for any stuck paper there. If the jammed paper is visible, manually remove it. In most cases this will fix the problem, but if it still happens you’ll need a printer technician to take the printer apart, so call us at Thrive IT.

I can't connect to my network drive anymore?

Check that you are still connected to the network, and that the network cable is properly connected to the computer or laptop. Ensure that the LED lights on the network connection card (computer side) are flashing, then check it at the switch/hub/router side. Are the lights flashing there? If both ends are flashing but you’re still not connected, we can troubleshoot further. Contact us at Thrive IT and we’ll help get you reconnected.

My Outlook is not receiving email, how can I fix it?

Do you see any errors on the bottom right of your Outlook screen? Try closing Outlook and reopening it again. Do you have a web based way of accessing your emails? If so, try that method, Outlook usually has Outlook Web Access or Office 365 where you can access your emails online. If you can access your emails online, then it’s not a problem with your email, it’s more on the computer end. Check that you can access other network resources or the internet, if you can, it’s probably a setting. If you can’t, then you have a network problem. Contact us at Thrive IT and we’ll help you sort it out.