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Computer Support

We’ve been fixing computers since Windows 95, so we’re confident there is no problem we can’t fix.

Cloud Solutions

At Thrive IT, we have extensive knowledge in cloud solutions, we don’t baffle you with tech talk, and we get straight to the point.


Thrive IT also provides domain name registrations, registering both Australian and international domains. Check out our competitive prices.


At Thrive IT, we have a ‘one size fits all’ plan, so we don’t try and up-sell something that isn’t needed.

IT Sales

Buying IT equipment can be a confusing process. There are so many brands to choose from. We can help you with the decision making.

IT as a Managed Service

Do you have several employees working for your company? Why not sign up to our IT as a managed service solution?

Mobile Handset Support

At Thrive IT, we’ve been troubleshooting phones for over 10 years. Wow! How things have changed.

Network Support

Thrive IT has more than ten years’ experience in managing office networks, including switches, routers, racks and cabling.

Printer Support

We’ve been managing printers for over 10 years and we have extensive experience with many brands.

Remote Access Solutions

Do you need to work from home or access your office files from a remote location? We can help.

Support Service Desk

Thrive IT has a dedicated technical support service desk, where you can email us or log a ticket via our web portal.

Server Virtualization Solutions

At Thrive IT, we have extensive knowledge in server virtualization solutions, we don’t speak confusing tech talk, and we get straight to the point.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great idea to provide peace of mind. We can help you get security cameras set up in your office.

Telephony Solutions

Most office environments require some sort of desk phone system, but who supports it? We can manage it all for you.

Test and Tag

Testing and tagging your portable electrical office equipment is an important part of compliance.

Website Management

Over 70 million websites use WordPress as their content back end, and it’s more than likely that your business website is one of them.

Web Design

Are you a small to medium-size business owner? Whether you have an existing website that needs updating or you’re looking to get online, Thrive IT web design services can help you achieve your goals.