At Thrive IT, we have a ‘one size fits all’ plan, so we don’t try and up-sell something that isn’t needed.

1000MB Disk Space

5000MB Bandwidth

$78.00 a year

Works out to be only $6.50 per month.

Paid yearly.


Unlimited FTP Accounts
No WWW Prefix
No Setup Fees
Quick Response Support Team
Onsite Support Option
Australian-based Servers
Unlimited Autoresponders
Unlimited Email Forwarding
Unlimited Email Aliases
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Webmail Accounts
Cpanel 11 Web Hosting Manager
Frontpage Script Compatible
Perl (CGI – BIN) ver: 5.8.8
Apache ver: 2.0.63
Mailing List Option
Complete Web Traffic Statistics
File Manager for Easy Uploads
PhpMyAdmin Access
Network Support Tools
PreInstalled PHP Scripts 99% Uptime
PHP/MySQL-based guestbook
Mambo PHP/MySQL-based CMS
phpBB PHP/MySQL-based forum
YaBB Secure Perl-based forum
HotLink Protection
Password Protect Directories

Make your website address easier to remember: If you are currently using a free hosting service with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you might have a web address like It is unlikely that someone will remember a web address that long. Using, you can choose your own personalised web address that everyone will remember.

Never change your website address again: If you are currently hosting your website with your ISP, then changing your ISPs could prove to be complicated, as you also have to take your website off and research free hosting options with your new ISP. This can be very time consuming and you can lose business while your website is offline.

Create your own professional image: With us you could setup an email address for each part of your business, for example, or You could also get a personalised email address that represents you, such as

Things to think about…

Choosing Disk Space

To give you an idea of how much disk space you need, this whole website takes up 10 MB of disk space.

Choosing Bandwidth

When choosing Bandwidth plans, take into consideration that a website this size would be able to receive up to 50,000 hits a month before reaching 1GB of monthly bandwidth transfers.

Evaluate your current hosting provider

Some of our competitors might be able to offer you more disk space and bandwidth, but bigger isn’t always better. We only use the best servers to host your website and we guarantee you will be happy with our uptime and download speeds.

When evaluating your hosting provider, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Am I happy with the response from technical support?

Am I happy with my website uptime?

Am I happy with the download speeds?

If any of your answers are ‘No’, you need better service, and it’s time to switch hosting providers and enjoy something better.

To confirm the quality services we provide, we have many registered customers who would be more than happy to share their Thrive IT experiences with you.

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