Have you been planning what you will do differently in 2018?

Do you have a new year’s resolution?

Where does technology fit in?


As I am sure you are aware technology plays a big part in every company, small business or organisation. Knowing how much to invest is hard though, how much return on investment (ROI) will you receive, will your investment be worthwhile? Having a partner like Thrive IT is important, someone who you can trust and someone who will tell you when you are spending money on things that will not really add value to your business.

Here are 5 quick ways to grow your business using technology.


1. Have a good way of managing your leads, invest in a CRM.

As soon as business owners hear CRM, that straight away think it’s going to cost a lot of money and it’s going to take a lot of time before you start to see the benefits. Our strategy is to start small and spend more once you have buy in from your staff and management. Many CRM applications have now moved into a cloud based subscription based system which means that it doesn’t have to cost too much money to start off. At Thrive IT we can help you with your journey, anything from setup, integration, go live and staff training.

2. Use a cloud based email system like G Suite or Office 365

How do you manage your emails? Do you have then synched across all your devices? Using a cloud based email system like Google G Suite or Office 365 can make you work more efficiently and compose and reply to emails on the go. If we go back 5 – 10 years ago it would have cost a lot of money to have a Microsoft Exchange server for your business. Now with Microsoft Office 365 subscription based plans it can cost as little as under $10 per month to have all your emails synced across all your devices. For an accurate quote and more information contact us.

3. Redesign your website or create a new website for one of your products.

Is your website a bit outdated? Are you loosing potential customers because your website looks like it was designed in the year 2008? In 2018, websites will be more interactive, they will obtain information from clients like where they are located and what information they are searching on your website, what are your most popular items. New websites focus more on the user interface (UI) and developers find ways of streamlining the user experience (UX) so that you can convert leads quicker. At Thrive IT we can come and visit you and give you some free advice on how to proceed best with your website. You might have one new product which is designed for one particular audience, why not create a brochure style website to promote those services and interact with those clients.

4. Buy new computers for your team

When was the last time you bought your team new computers? Are they using Windows 10 yet? Or still on Windows 8.1 or even worse Windows 7 or Windows XP? Now will all of your services in the cloud its best to give your staff laptops with docking stations, so in the office they can work in a work space they are used to, and when required they can take their computers home and continue to work with the same desktop and apps they are used to. At Thrive IT we also sell hardware and can provide localised IT Support in Sydney, you tell us your budget and we’ll provide cost effective workstations.

5. Use an intelligent PABX (PBX) to make sure that all your calls are answered.

What happens when a potential customer calls your office? How do you answer their calls? Do you work from home? Are you always on the road? Do you miss calls sometimes? Using an intelligent virtual VBX can help you streamline your phones calls. At Thrive IT we can setup hunt groups for different teams, e.g. press 1 for sales and 2 for support, when you press 1 its diverted to a mobile sales rep, when you press 2 its diverted to a call centre, if the call is not answered it can go to a voicemail, once the customer has left a message, it can be forwarded to an email account for processing or a CRM system. Many small businesses are now using virtual assistants to follow up leads and help take the load off small business owners, we can also help you with this.

At Thrive IT we want you to succeed in business and if there is anything we can do, we’ll do it. We strive to be your one stop shop for all your IT related jobs, we’ll help you save money, time and save the stress of talking to all these providers, contact us today for a non-obligation face to face visit.